You should have seen us showing up in the airport. Suitcases on one trolley, 3 car seats on a 2nd trolley, and the double stroller with carry-ons. Zachary refused to let his carry-on go. He pulled it everywhere we went, even into the bathroom. He looked like an experienced traveler.

The first flight we had was from Ottawa to Montreal, then from Montreal to Frankfurt, Germany. We were meeting John’s mom in Montreal, so I was scared of the first flight from Ottawa to Montreal, with John and I alone with 3 kids. Since you need to be at the airport for an International flight 3 hours in advance, once passed through security, he had time to kill. Right after security, there is a small children’s play area. I am sure this play area saved our lives, as the kids could move around. Not just move around, they were able to run! When they started boarding the plane, that’s when nervousness hit. Of course, nervousness for nothing at all. 3 kids were perfect angels. Twins sat together, John sat with Nathan, and I sat behind. They were quiet, they listened the entire time, and were polite. I guess they were so excited it turned them into children I didn’t even know. The 3 hour wait in Montreal was long, but once I was finally able to find a spot for the kids to move, and it made them happy. The next flight was just as easy. I sat with Zachary who was quiet. He watched movies on his own TV (made him happy to not have to watch something his brothers wanted). Every time I looked over, Nathan and Tyler were being just as quiet and watching TV as Zachary. We finally landed, got through security, in search for our TAXI driver who would drive us the 3 ½ hours to our apartment….

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