Showing up at this apartment, was the best feeling. Finally after almost 30hours (or so it felt) of travelling, we were going to get settled. Walking into this apartment was almost a dream come true compared to what a hotel would have been. You walk in and there is a table to eat at. You look right and there is a kitchen where you can cook instead of always eating out. Look left and there is the living room, with pull-out couch, TV, lounging chairs, and beautiful lamps to make you feel “home”. Then there is the master bedroom, with a chest, as well as a stand-up closet for all your clothes, as well as a TV. You walk into the 2nd room, and there is two beds and a cot, and again, places to hang your clothes. A place for the 3 kids to sleep. Between John’s mom and the kids I knew they would all switch between the bedroom and pull-out couch – but everyone had a nice place to sleep. Then the laundry room. The washer scared me – something to get used to as the machine was definitely much smaller than what we have in Canada. There was an ironing board, hair dryer, even a scale. Lord knows I wouldn’t want to use that, but it did come in handy when we had to weigh our suitcases when we were leaving Germany.

Look outside the apartment, and there was a child’s play park. Two swings, a small ladder with a landing on top. There was even a tree house which was made into a small “café”. I knew looking out that the kids would definitely enjoy staying here!!

Our sponsor met us at the apartment to make sure we got settled okay. Our sponsor was a lady who John would work with, who would bring us around to show us our houses of which to choose from. She gave us a binder of the 7 houses we would be going to see. So I had to look through this, and see what I liked about each house. Either way, we HAD to choose a house from this list of houses.

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