German Living

The German “way of living” is probably going to take getting used to. Here, kids – well anyone actually – is awake until late, and sometimes, “loud”. Well in Germany, you have to be quiet between the hours of 1:00-3:00 in the afternoon, and 8:000pm and 6:00am. Different than here. We took the kids for a walk one night at 8:30, and one lady stopped us and couldn’t understand why the kids were still awake. Found out later, most kids are in bed by 7:00/7:30. That is going to take getting used to. For me, the later the bedtime, the longer they sleep in!!

The German grocery store Rewe was overwhelming the first time I walked in. I didn’t understand a thing anywhere. You try to see if something is “healthy”, but have no idea what it means. Let’s just say, I will be using my Lonely Planet German book very often until I get the hang of it!

Now, REAL – that is like a Walmart. Still extremely overwhelming when you walk in, but you know this is going to be a store I will be in often! Clothes section, makeup section, food, – BEER and WINE! Now that I could get used to 😉 With the price of wine, I could half a bottle a day and not even blink an eye on our “budget”. I can say though, being in an apartment for a month while waiting for our household goods to apply – the wine will be flowing 😛

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