House for Sale

This is also extremely grueling. First to come up with a proper price to sell. Not as easy as it sounds when you are selling in this market. A bad price, and no one will look. And the pictures for MLS need to be perfect. You have a bad picture, not one person will think your house is nice enough to even bother to look at.

What happens when your child drops a toy? Usually, “who cares?”. Now with a house on the market, your heart stops every time a toy falls on your new floor. What if it gets scratched? What if a tile breaks and we can no time to fix it as you can get a call at literally any point to say, “you have someone willing to come visit on so and so day, can you accommodate that?”. You never say no, you do what you can to make sure you CAN accommodate. So you clean. You scrub floors. You clean the toilet. You clean the bathtub. You put a movie on for your kids so you can put away their toys and they won’t care as much. And you ALWAYS make sure your kids’ have flushed when they go to the bathroom. One thing I have come to know, my boys’ do not always remember to flush! Once cleaning is done, you pack your car. You put kids in their seats, dogs in the back, take one fast look in the kitchen, and go to the park for an hour and a half so the buyers get a chance to look around. If it’s raining out? Bring the computer for a movie, a book for yourself, park your car somewhere, and wait.

Imagine needing to have a perfectly clean house, 24/7, with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat. Imagine drinking a coffee, and the second you finish it, you need to clean and dry and put the cup away so you have no dishes just “laying around”. We had to store some kids’ toys so they don’t make our toy room look “cluttered”, so the boys started to get bored not having as many toys as they used to – even though they didn’t touch half the toys we had in storage. What do you do? Find Youtube videos they enjoy. Now? We have 3 kids addicted to Youtube. Bad, yes, but the best thing to do in the bad situation we are in… We can break the habit once we are in Germany for good and back into a normal routine – or so I figure.

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