House Hunting Packing

Packing for your house hunting trip is as stressful as it sounds… Not only did I pack for 5 people, but you need to account for everything. Rain, sun, hot weather, cold weather… Also, who knows if they have the same stuff in Germany as they do Canada? So you pack extra so you don’t have to buy something out there, and get stuck when they don’t have it.

I found a packing list off of Pinterest, and started at the top. I even packed our bathing suits in case of hot weather (of course we didn’t use them at all!). Knowing the hotel/apartment we were staying in for the week had a washer/dryer, I brought Tide Pods so I didn’t need to deal with liquid laundry detergent (of course the apartment came equipped with detergent…). Sunscreen for kids, sunscreen for adults…

Kids were easy to pack, as they don’t care what they wear. Enough clothes for 3/4days, and then I could do laundry. Same for John. Enough clothes for a few days, so then I could do laundry. But me?!?! Who knew what I would want to wear when. Who knew if when I put it on, it fit the way I would want it to? This is when I realized I was going to have way too much clothes. So… 4 pairs of leggings, one skirt, 7 long sleeve shirts, 3 sweaters, 7 tank tops, and 5 t-shirts – and two extra pairs of shoes (one flats, one pair of flip flops, and the boots I was wearing on the plane). Definitely too much clothes, but for me, it was what I “needed” to feel comfortable. It ended with one big suitcase for the twins, one small suitcase for Nathan, and one big for John, and another big for me.

Next came carry-ons. Extra clothes for all 5 of us in my carry-on. John had our laptop, snacks, and the kids’ tablets (they were not going in their own carry-ons). Tablets were our “you guys are driving us nuts” last resort. I put a coloring book, beads and string to make necklaces, fruit loops (in case they wanted to make a fruit loop necklace and then eat it). Thank goodness my mom made the kids a bag, because everything I wanted to get them, I couldn’t find. Triangle crayons seem impossible to find in such a small town of Pembroke; my mom found them at her first store in Montreal… She made amazing personalized coloring books (made my store-bought ones look ridiculous). Homemade Rice Krispee Squares made into a plane and train shapes were major hits!

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