The Friday before leaving, we had a day to “ourselves”. So we decided to be tourists. We drove about an hour to the city of Monschau. This was a city that during the war was not touched, so it remained as it did before the war started. It was definitely a beautiful town. You park your car at the bottom of the hill, and look up, there is a huge castle. We decide to walk through the village first. First thing we see is a park for the kids. We stopped there, let the kids run, and to eat our sandwiches we brought from the apartment. We eventually walked again, when we see they offer train tours of the village. So of course we need to do this – for Tyler especially. That child loves trains, he has a train on him everywhere we go. It was 6euro for adults & 2euro for kids, or 15euro for all 6 of us. Great price, and boy did the kids ever love being on it! The train even stopped at the top of the mountain so we could get out and take pictures of the castle. How awesome was that! By the time we got back down to the bottom, it was definitely time for us to start to head back. This was a great day, and definitely a place I would bring friends or family to when they come visit!

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