Pack and Load of our Household Goods

Long story short – WATCH YOUR MOVERS 100%!!!!! Even when you have written on the side of boxes “bringing” and “not bringing” and tell them to rely fully on what the boxes say, DO NOT TRUST THEM THAT THEY KNOW HOW TO READ IT!!! Our movers packed things they were not supposed to pack. And then they didn’t pack things we NEEDED. Rakes, shovels, water hoses for backyard, mops, brooms, jumper cables….etc etc etc Now once we arrive in our new home, we have to re-buy all this stuff. Just wonderful.

Also, they are not allowed to pack batteries. As of right now, a secondary battery we had for our van – which is not being brought to Germany with us – is lost. It was near all the boxes to bring with us, so we are pretty sure it was packed. If so, someone from the moving company is going to get in a lot of shit….

Like I said, don’t trust them, watch ‘em like a hawk!!

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