Packing for a month and a half in a hotel

Not as easy as this sounds… Imagine staying in a hotel for a month and a half with three active boys, and yourself and your husband. Try to picture every single thing you will need. Now go pack it… Think of anything that can go wrong. Now go pack that also.

Will it be hot? Will it be chilly? Will it rain? Rain jackets and boots will be needed then, of course. Regular jackets for just chilly-ness.

I managed to make due with one HUGE suitcase for the 3 kids. Then one big suitcase for John. One big suitcase for myself. One big suitcase for only John’s work clothes and boots. Two big suitcase for kids’ toys and games. Three boys will still need a lot of stuff for a month and a half.. Cars, trains, train tracks, hot wheels tracks, puzzles, books, paints, coloring books, crayons, baseball gloves and balls, outside hockey net (from my aunt :D)…etc Three random small suitcases (because our shipping company didn’t seem to think that since the suitcase was ON TOP of the boxes to pack in the container to ship overseas, they did not have to be packed). So now I am stuck with 3 small suitcases – PLUS then 5 carry-ons. Oh, and a double stroller to help us walk around the airport. Oh right, plus 3 car seats. Talk about a handful.

Do you like Advil? My kids can only use Advil. Tylenol doesn’t work on them – it doesn’t make them feel any better. Germany doesn’t sell Advil. So here I am, now trying to stock up on Advil and Tylenol (for myself and John). How much will I need to bring. Not too much because it may go to waste, but you need enough in case the kids’ get sick… I figured – I would rather have too much, than not enough down the line.

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