Rest of the House Hunting Portion

The rest of the week was busy still, but a little more relaxed. We rushed everything we needed done in the first three days so we could “relax” the rest of the week. Lease with our landlords signed, bank account done, book picked up to learn the “German way of driving”, post office slot done, met the ladies and workers at the “play area” on base, just like the one I go to in Petawawa, saw the supply people, etc… Last thing, was enrolling the kids in school. I had heard great things about this school, but made me very nervous to be in a foreign country, sending my kids to a new school – until I got there. You cannot get onto the school grounds without a NATO ID Card. Since our sponsor had hers, she could get in, and we needed our passports, and to get a visitor’s pass. Security is high, which was the first good sign. We went inside, met the principal, and got a tour. The school is huge, but all the younger kids stay in one section, so they don’t get lost. Good sign number two. Next the kids saw the outside. I have never in my life seen a “park” so big. This place was huge. Of course they all wanted to go play, but they couldn’t. As we were leaving, Tyler looked at me, and kept saying, “Mommy, I love my new school, I want to go on the slide”. Good sign number three! Despite my kids being sleep deprived and badly jet-lagged, and acting terribly when they had to “sit still” for five minutes, I left the school with a very good feeling of my kids enjoying this place!!

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