Shipping Dogs

Who knew shipping animals could be so complicated…

Call Air Canada to have the dogs come with us in baggage claim. I was told that there would be no problems at all, doesn’t matter when you fly out, you can bring the dogs. Awesome, so we know we can bring them with us.

I call Air Canada back once we have everything for our flights arranged. The lady this time tells me the dogs cannot fly as baggage as the baggage compartment is too hot, they need to fly as cargo. Between June 20th, and September 10th, dogs cannot fly baggage. Good to know when it’s too late….

Okay, how do we proceed with this?? I call Air Canada Cargo to see how it works and how much this will cost. Price for two dogs to fly cargo? 1473$… 1473$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What choice does one have though when your animals are like your kids? The kids also love them, so here we are, spending 1473$ for two puppies to fly from Ottawa to Dusseldorf…..


Once again, who knew shipping animals could be so complicated…

We got the dogs both vaccinated from the beginning in case it had been too long since their last ones. EVERYTHING…. So we knew we would be good to go to Germany. Told the vet our plan about moving, and he said, “just come back before you leave and I will fill out the certificate saying all is good”. Perfect!

With the dogs fighting sometimes, we decided to spend the money and have them spayed to hopefully calm them down. We got the puppies spayed and microchipped at the same time – to go anywhere in Europe, your animal needs to be microchipped. When l picked them up, made sure I asked if the dogs were “good to go” and they said yes.

So here we are today, 8 days before, and we bring the paperwork to the vet. We get a call saying “since the dogs were microchipped, you need to have them re-vaccinated for rabies, then can’t leave the country for 21days. 21 DAYS! We leave in 8!!

Talk about stress just before leaving… We are fighting to find someone to watch the dogs.

If anyone wants to move to Europe, be prepared, and READ beforehand – DO NOT take your vet’s word for everything being fine. Do your research – if you don’t, you will end up screwed like us…

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