First Weekend in Germany

After a very exhausting, quiet first day, how much can you really do in a hotel before going nuts?! Apparently not much… We got to Germany on Friday, Saturday morning we were heading to a church, and castle ruins about 2.5km from our hotel. Not big, but exactly what was needed to let kids run, and let Mom and Dad relax just a little. Finding a small playground was a major bonus! Sunday was even better. Who can say they have stood in 3 countries at once? Well now I can. We went to a Tri-Border, where Germany, Belgium, and The Nertherlands (Holland) meet. The three countries we didn’t realize make a big deal out of this. They have the three flags in one spot, a small monument showing exactly where the 3 countries touch, a lookout to see all three countries from up high, restaurants, café’s, and a giant park. Just enough to do for three kids to burn massive energy and sleep in the car ride. At this point the jet lag is majorly kicking in, and sleep doesn’t happen regularly. All we can hope, is the jet lag will end sooner than later, and Mommy and Daddy will be less tired….

All in all, our first weekend was successful!!10953272_10152986759217197_3170915581672654535_n

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