Kasteel Hoensbroek


We needed something to do our second weekend. We found a castle 20 mins from our hotel – cheap for adults, free for kids. And it was a beautiful sunny, hot day outside! The first thing you see when you get out of the car is a bridge (looks like a moat!) going from the parking to inside. Everywhere is a cobblestone path. It looks exactly like what you picture as a medieval castle. When you walk into the main courtyard, there are all kinds of medieval games set up for kids (well, adults too hehe). The kids’ favorite was a bowling type game. There are still ten pins, they are just set up differently. Next was onto the inside. The inside was beautiful. It is set up as rooms would have been back then. They even have a kids’ room with bunk beds! There was the laundry room, a medical room where people would go with injuries. There was a game room, and even a conference room!

There is a lookout where you can see all the grounds of the castle. There were swords and armor hanging in different areas of the room. Good thing my boys are old enough to walk and not need to be carried – the stairways are exactly like what you see in movies – extremely narrow, barely enough room for one person to even get through. Take the staircase all the way down, and there is a dungeon with a leg shackle – very weird to see! The room had an extremely small window for the prisoner to have SOME light. It even has writing on the wall where a prisoner took note of the amount of days he/she stayed down there! The top floor had a movie set from the Dutch movie Code+M. Cool to see a castle like this is used to make movies!! They even had a Pillory to take a picture with.

One last trip to the playground and off to home we went! Well worth the twenty minute trip here!!!

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