Valkenburg Ruins & Velvet Caves

We thought this would be something the kids would enjoy – being in real caves like what they’ve seen in their TV shows. Turns out, they were petrified! It is extremely dark, with no light besides the tour guide’s lantern. Everything was in Dutch, but the guide would translate sometimes. He brought us to all kinds of writings and pictures on the walls, but it was so hard to enjoy with the boys. I literally held Zachary (the heaviest of the three) for the entire 45 minutes as he only wanted me, not Daddy. I got a workout that’s for sure! At one point the guide left and said “stay here in the dark to experience exactly what the dark down here is like”. The kids hated it, so I turned on the backlight from my phone. When the guide came back, I guess someone told him about the light, so he brought the 5 of us somewhere with the lantern while everyone else stayed in the dark. The caves for us, not a very good experience.
When the caves tour is done, you walk outside into the Castle Ruins – which was much better! The ruins are on the top of a hill, so you see the entire town. The ruin don’t take too long to walk around, maybe about half an hour – but that’s perfect.
When we were done we walked around the town for a little bit. Our main search was for ice cream! Very cute little town. Lots to see, lots of history! I will definitely be going back at some point! Apparently there is a Christmas Market INSIDE the caves – maybe the boys will enjoy it more then!

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