Christmas Vacation 2015 – Day 10 & 11


We took a detour leaving Prague towards Dresden. We decided to go to the Tri-Border of Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. You have to park, and walk about a kilometer to the site of the tri-border itself. Very cute area. It was rainy and windy so we didn’t spend much time there, just enough to say we were in Poland.


We bought a transportation pass to head to Dresden downtown area. One half hour bus and we were there. I wasn’t expecting the cold in the area though. The entire first leg of our trip I wore a sweater most of the time, no jackets. Here, I needed a jacket, scarf, gloves, something on my ears, and it didn’t seem like enough. It was brutally cold with the wind!

We very quickly did downtown Dresden – not to say it wasn’t a beautiful city. The Frauenkirche is definitely something to see. A “not-miss” is definitely the largest porcelain wall. It is called the Fürstenzug, and is 334 feet long, and 34 feet high. There are approximately 23,000 tiles to make it. The Zwinger Museum is also beautiful. We didn’t go inside, but the grounds are a great place for a picture. Nathan loved one of the museums near the water where on the outside were the names of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

We walked around Old Dresden for a while longer then headed back to our hotel. Being out of the cold was wonderful!

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