This was the city I was probably most excited about. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory on the south coast of Spain – so part of the UK. John and I originally wanted to visit Tangier, Morocco, but when finding out how expensive a ferry to get across the river was, we decided Gibraltar was the next best thing. The day ended up being 23degrees, and sunny! Perfect weather!

Getting to the top is apparently a long hard walk uphill, so we decided to take the Cable Car trip to the top. It is a 6 minute ride to the top, and the view is beautiful. When researching Gibraltar, all articles talk about the monkeys at the top. I thought people just “got lucky” by seeing them. Turns out, the monkeys are EVERYWHERE!!! The second you step out of the cable car, monkeys are waiting right there. Three of them jumped on top of the car and started playing. It was great to see! Everywhere you walk there are monkeys just lounging, playing, eating…etc  We walked as high as we could onto the viewing ledges, and just looked around. You are above the clouds. You look out at the water, and you are standing in the UK, staring out at Africa on one side, and Spain on the other! It was unbelievable! The views were spectacular.

Once we had enough pictures, we decided to go into the gift shop. Boys bugged us so much for stuffed monkeys, we ended up agreeing. The kids all wanted to hold their new toy, but were advised by the cashier to put the monkeys in a gift bag, and to put it in John’s backpack – which we did. Along the path we started walking towards our next destination (the caves), when all of a sudden a monkey jumped right onto John’s backpack. He thought it was “getting comfy”, but I could tell it was up to something. Before I even had time to notice, the monkey had opened John’s backpack (using both zippers), ripped open the gift bag the souvenirs were in, grabbed one of the new stuffed monkeys, and ran off. Instantly the kids started bawling – all three of them. People stood around shocked. John tried to run after the monkey, but it was too late. He came back, and I went into the gift shop again and had to buy another stuffed monkey. I explained what happened, but the cashier said since she wasn’t a manager, I had to buy another one, they couldn’t give me one for free. Oh well.. I got back outside and saw two monkeys literally fighting over the stuffy. One of the workers finally scared the monkey, which forced it to drop the toy.


Finally we got to “get away” from the top, and onto St.Michael’s Caves – which were beautiful. We bought the pass that included the cable car and the caves, so the caves were free to us. Although I am glad they were free, I would have paid to get inside. There were spotlights illuminating the caves, which made them even nicer to see! The caves were used in 1704 to conceal 500 military troops. The caves were also prepared during WWII to be used as a hospital, but didn’t end up being needed. Today the caves are used for tourism, as well as concerts in the auditorium inside. Gotta admit, I would love to see a concert in there!!

The rest of the walk down the mountain was long, but fun. We stopped in a Moorish Castle (boring, not worth it!) and WWII Tunnels (a nice walk). We saw more monkeys along the way, but none got close this time. By now it was 3:00, we’d been on the rock for about 5hours, and we were starving. We’d passed an Irish Pub called the Angry Friar earlier, so that’s where we headed back. The beer was cheap, the fish and chips were delicious, and the waitress was very friendly. Nathan even got a bowl of just rice (it’s all he wanted…) at not even 1euro. Definitely worth it!!!

Last thing we did was find the 100ton Gun. This thing was huge! The bullet itself was slightly taller than the twins!! It was nice to see – not something you will see often!  Today was one hell of a day!!!!

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