Malaga & Toledo, Spain

Malaga has a lot of hype to it. When planning this trip I was excited about coming here. After a very bad experience with our apartment for the evening, maybe I was already upset – but I doubt it, I was just not looking forward to being here. There was only three things I wanted to do, and then we had a five hour drive to Madrid. We walked our way to the top of the mountain to the castle. I didn’t want to go in, I just wanted to see the bullfighting ring from up high. The view of the ring and the marina and ocean was beautiful. It was worth the 45 minute walk to the top. Next we walked down the mountain (through the parts of the castle walls) right to the cathedral. It was beautiful, but once again, not worth an 8euro price tag to get in. We walked around the outside, and decided to call it a day.

On our way we decided to stop at Castillo Monumento Colomares. Since we had such a long drive, I was iffy about stopping before Madrid. Turns out the Castillo was great. It is a memorial to Christopher Colombus, featuring the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.  It was 3euro to get in (kids free), but worth it. This place is literally breathtaking. Words cannot describe how fascinating it is. The architecture is not like anything I have ever seen before. I wish we could have spent more time than we had here!!


Got back to the car, and started driving five hours to Madrid.

After about three hours we realized we would be driving right through Toledo, so we decided to take a pit stop and check it out. I’ve had a lot of people tell me really good things about it, so I had to see for myself. Turns out, we should have skipped Malaga and driven straight to Toledo. First thing you see is the castle at the top of the mountain. What an amazing city! We love medieval type of stuff – swords & shields, armor…etc so this city was perfect for that. I don’t think I have ever seen so many swords in my life.. The kids enjoyed walking around. We didn’t have time to walk to the castle or pay (once again…) to go into the cathedral, but the three hours we had here made our day much better! We really did enjoy Toledo – may consider going back if we are ever in the area again.

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