Seville, Spain

We got to Seville after a five hour drive from Madrid. We were tired and fed up (HARD time parking at our hotel), then we saw the city… What a beautiful city! All we had here was not even 24hrs. Our main reason for Seville was the Cathedral. John found out about it from someone at work. I was iffy about driving five hours for a cathedral, but the Cathedral (as well as the entire city itself!) was worth the trip! The Cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. The cathedral is also the burial site of Christopher Columbus. To enter, it was 8euros an adult, the kids were free. We thought a lot, but decided not to pay to go in. Really, why PAY to go into a church?!?! Drives us nuts! There was one part you could enter for free, so we went in. High ceilings, gold altar, structures all around… It was very nice, I can’t even imagine what the actual paying part looked like! Literally the entire square is taken up by the cathedral. Takes at least ten minutes to walk all around it. One side is the church, the other is small cafes and gift shops; it was a very nice peaceful walk.

Starving, we decided to find food. Everything is Spain is Tapas, and we were so hungry we didn’t think small portions of foods would be enough, so we searched and searched. After about 45 minutes of looking, we went back to a tapas place we saw first, and went inside. Turns out tapas is on the terrace, and actual meals are inside – at least we knew for next time! We walked in and there were real bullfighting bull heads on the walls! I wanted actual Spanish food, so I ordered a seafood paella. It had actual muscle and clam shells – it was delicious, and a huge portion. The boys all shared a breaded chicken and potato meal (told Nathan it was schnitzel and he ate it no problem 😉 ) and John and I ordered a pitcher of sangria. Boy was it ever good! I’ve never been a sangria drinker but figured in Spain what better thing to try – I’m glad I did! I would go back to this place again!

Stuffed and satisfied, we set off to keep walking and found the Plaza de Espana. This place was almost more amazing than the cathedral! Everywhere you look, all you see if hand painted tiles. The bridges all had tiles. They had little alcoves you could sit in front of the plaza that represented each province in the country. I literally could have at there all night and read a book; it was wonderful to see! There was a giant fountain in the front the boys loved getting close to and touching the water from. There is a small lake where you could rent boats to go around the plaza. If it was warmer we may have done it! It gets chilly at night, although the days are about twenty degrees.


We went back to the cathedral and saw it with the lights at night, which was just a beautiful as daytime.

The next morning we got an early start with Starbucks (I needed a coffee…) and headed to the Hop On Hop Off bus. The ride was nice, and a quick way to see a city we didn’t have much time left in. The boys loved sitting at the top. The kids loved seeing a ferris wheel along the water. My favorite part was the Maria Luisa Park. Since I was little, I have loved doves – this park was FULL of doves. Everywhere you look, all you see is white. It was beautiful!!

Once we got off, we found the Plaza de Toros. This is the oldest bullfighting ring in the world – built in 1761. It has tours in English, so we decided to take it. Really, when else will you be able to see the oldest bullfighting ring in the world?!?! It was actually quite amazing to see. The kids really wanted to see a “real bull fight”, but they only happen on Sundays from Easter Weekend until October – today was Tuesday. The tour was about 45 minutes, and a perfect way to end our trip to Seville.

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