Madrid, Spain

I was excited about Madrid. I read a lot about how amazing the city was, and how much there was to see. We had one day to get everything in! It ended up being about twenty degrees today, so great weather! We started at the Temble of Debod. It is an Egyptian Temple which was built in 200BC in Egypt, then dismantled and donated to Spain, which was rebuilt in Madrid in 1970. It was actually really cool to see a real Egyptian monument – not something one would see very often!


Next was onto the Royal Palace. The line-up to get in was extremely long and seemed to be moving slow, so we couldn’t get inside. From the outside it was huge! It was beautiful, and it looked like a nice view from the square inside the castle walls. If we ever go back, going inside will be on our to-do list! The park outside the castle had a very nice fountain, and statues of Gothic Kings. The one thing I didn’t like was all the street performers – takes away from enjoying when you have to keep telling people you won’t pay them for a picture with them…

When we got to the Plaza Mayor it would have been a very nice area to sit and have a drink or snack in. It wasn’t cheap, so we decided to find someplace else. Again though, in the entire square there are street performers everywhere you turn. We kept trying to bypass them all until we saw Chase from Paw Patrol. We couldn’t resist the happiness on the kids’ faces!


After lunch we went on a search to find the Parque del Retiro. It is one of the largest parks in Madrid. You truly could get lost in there… Took us about fifteen minutes to find the Crystal Palace – which was worth the walk to find!! It was beautiful, and extremely hot inside since all the walls are made of crystal. What I really wanted to find was the Monument to Alfonso XII with the lake! Took about another ten minutes, but once again, very worth it! I probably could have stayed and people watch all day. There are row boats in the water for people to enjoy. The boys sat on the bench at the edge of the water and waved at everyone passing by.  There are very cute little ice cream shops and snack bars along the way – although very expensive!

We decided at this point to walk back to our hotel and eat, relax for a small bit, then head back out. The boys had been very good all day so they got a surprise ice cream – very excited they were! John and I had no cash on us all day, and I kept seeing signs for churros. We decided after relaxing we would go to the bank, and back on our search. Well of course as it always turns out, when you want something, you can never find it… We didn’t have any type of map on us (gps on our phones for when we decided to head back to the hotel) so we just “got lost”. We ended up in the biggest square in Madrid called Puerta Del Sol. I felt like I was back in Old Montreal. There were so many people! Street performers… People dressed up for the kids – Peppa Pig, Mickey & Minnie, Storm Troopers, Darth Vader….etc  It was something I didn’t realize I missed until I saw it like this! I could have just stood around that area all night…. BUT…. They had no churros, and that was the one thing I hadn’t had in Spain, and I wanted authentic Spanish churros! Almost an hour later we found a diner type of restaurant – FINALLY! All it is, is a fried-dough pastry with sugar over top, but it was delicious! We wanted to bring them back to our hotel and drink Sangria with them, but they didn’t last that long…

Early bedtime as we started our journey back home tomorrow and our flight left Madrid at 6:30am… The two weeks have been amazing! Kids have been amazing (of course we all had our moments lol). The places we have been to and seen are things we will never forget! Lots of pictures taken to keep our memories remembered forever!!!!!

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