German Weather….

We decided to go to Luxembourg on Sunday (we woke up in the morning, saw the weather said cloudy with some sun, and decided to head to Luxembourg City).
In the car we go, and it is cloudy out, and sun trying to seep through.
We got to driving, and within about 45 mins it started pouring rain. 15 mins later we had hail. 10 mins after we had snow, then before we knew it, it was sunny!
By the time we got to Luxembourg City, we’d had two bouts of pouring rain, two “snow storms”, and two hail storms. Four seasons in two hours – crazy!!
Luxembourg City itself was beautiful. We mainly wanted to see the castle grounds. You have to pay to go inside (only 4€ an adult, kids were 2€ I believe..), but we didn’t go in. We decided to walk around the outside instead. Walk down a huge hill, and it starts pouring again! Too far to turn around, so we just kept going. Eventually we found a path and walked through it. We were literally walking on a path between two castle walls – it was very cool. Rain stopped so it was actually enjoyable. We got into the downtown city area and found a church and a small market type place. They had kids games, food shops, souvenirs, etc..
We decided at this point to pretty much call it a day, and to come back when we know the weather will be nicer – or so we’d hope.
Drive home was just as terrible as getting there – but we do not regret going. We are happy to have gone, and if for whatever reason we don’t make it back, we can say we have been!!!

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