May Day – May 1st in Germany

May Day.


Apparently when May Day lands on a Sunday, Germans forget Sunday is supposed to be their “quiet day”.
Loud music playing from boomboxes, on the back of tractors driving around all night long, making trees for a girl a guy has a crush on… Best way to put it.
Actually kind of a cool tradition – definitely not something we would see back home in canada..
So literally. Guys cut down a small tree, and decorate the tree with different brightly coloured streamers and decorate a crush’s house. If by any chance there is a tree you see with only white streamers, it means the girl is disliked (I have not seen one yet). The guys do this all night long. Thank goodness we live on a small dead end street, because people don’t go down it unless they NEED to, so the music started mainly around 4:00am for us.  Most people who live on main and busy streets were up all night with the loudness of the music – your entire house shakes. And of course in typical German fashion — they are all drunk! Beyond drunk.. We saw someone at the end of our street at 7:00am pooping in a toilet on the side of the road – a toilet they brought with them.. Very weird! Not a care in the world about who will see.

Girls do the same, but are not as loud – and it’s a small decoration of roses they place on their crush’s house.



This literally goes on from all night long, and goes on all day long also (I guess for the guys who don’t want to be up all night..)

Being our first May Day experience, the kids loved sitting outside and watching the decorating right outside our house. They danced to the music. The family also got a kick out of the kids being so curious.

All in all, a pretty good day – and a very cool experience!

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