Burg Eltz, Koblenz, Loreley Rock

It’s a long weekend this weekend for John (not kids) so I told myself we needed to do SOMETHING. Go away, anything. So after some research, we decided to go to Burg Eltz, and head to Koblenz right after for the rest of the day. Weather ended up being about 18 degrees by 9am when we left our house, so that was nice! And sunny (not very often out here…).

It was a two hour drive to get to the castle, 2€ for parking, then a 1.5km walk to the castle itself. I thought the path would be a nice paved path, but nope.. I wore flip flops. Not a smart idea. It was a easy walk, but certainly made for walking shoes (my ankles were feeling it afterwards). The walk through the woods was nice though. It was 11am and fairly quiet, not very many people which was nice. A friend of ours told us to do the walk and not take the option of the shuttle, which I am very glad we did. You walk and walk, and then all of a sudden, the castle just appears. It was beautiful! Definitely worth the walk and the small ankle pain.


The closer you get to the castle, the more beautiful it seems to get. I was so excited to get inside. Kids under 6 are free, so the three boys didn’t have to pay for the tour; and John and I were 10€ each. We didn’t have to wait for long to get the English tour. But, to tell you the truth, the inside of the castle was a little disappointing to me. There is a ton of hype behind this castle, and it just didn’t live up to the expectations I was holding. I’m not saying it wasn’t nice, it certainly was, but just not what I was expecting. You cannot take pictures inside the castle (even with no flash), which sucked. There is a treasury to see afterwards also (included in your price) which had different artifacts. It was once again alright, but nothing special. We walked around the grounds for a bit, then walked the 1.5km back to our car to head to Koblenz.


Koblenz is where the Rhein River and the Mosel River meet. This was mainly the only thing I wanted to see. There is a big monument and a lookout to see where they meet. We mainly went there just for that. We could have walked around a lot more, but John and I were satisfied with what we’d seen, so we decided to find a Loreley Statue we’d seen on a Rhein River cruise back in October.


It was 45 minutes to get there, through lots of winding roads. We followed our gps for Loreley, which brought us to the top of a mountain – which of course we had to walk down. We should have counted the amount of stairs, but we didn’t even think of it. We later found out the mountain was about 417ft high (which we did the treck down, then back up. We found the path to where we thought we’d get to the shoreline near the statue, turns our it brought us right out in front of it – very cool. Took our few pics and headed back to our car.
Took us two hours to get home, to which we had a McDonald’s supper, and bed.


What an excellent day!!!!

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