Weekend Alone with the Boys

When Daddy’s away, Mommy and kids will play 🙂

John had training this weekend three hours away, so the boys and I were on our own. I had big plans on what to do, where to do, and most got cancelled cuz weather network showed rain all weekend… So my plans to go away for a night didn’t happen , and we hung around the house.

Saturday showed thunderstorms. So we went down to the local park area, and went on a scavenger hunt, and played mini putt, and played in the park. Kids were a little disappointed they didn’t find an elephant or a giraffe, but said maybe next time.. lol But…. As German weather shows, no rain at all all day…


Sunday still showed thunderstorms and rain, but today I didn’t care. About a 5 minute drive from our house is a wildpark. Season pass for a family is 55€ (about 80$cnd). Really, who can go wrong with a 55€ season pass to see animals any time you want. Kids loved it – plus I get the exercise of walking  (bonus lately…). There is a huge park in the middle of the wildpark. Kids went on the zip line more times than I can count. Next time I think a picnic will be brought so we can eat and play at the same time. (Once again, not a drop of rain today either…).


All in all, we missed Daddy a lot, but had a great weekend Mommy and the boys!!!! 🙂

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