Fairy Tale Weekend #1 – Part 1

Grimm Brother’s wrote most “Disney” fairy tales we know of today. They were born in Hanau, Germany, and grew up in Steinau, Germany. There is a route starting in Hanau, and going 600km north to Bremen. All along the route are castles, cities, parks, etc which represents some of the fairy tales the Grimm Brother’s wrote.

We found a list of about 22 cities in two days – a big feat, I know. We got to our hotel at 5:30 so we had time to head to our first city that night.

Started in Hanau. This is where the Grimm Brother’s were born. There is a beautiful statue of them in the main square of town (the main reason to see Hanau). We then found a park that was awesome to walk around. There is a castle ruin, a puppet museum, gazebos…etc Best part of the park (under construction so that sucked) was an old wooden carrousel. I definitely would like to go back when the carrousel is up and running again.

First stop in the morning, we went to a town called Gelnhausen. This city was definitely magical. It was 10am so everything was fairly quiet which was nice. Everywhere you look is half timbered houses – that pretty much makes the town. It’s small, didn’t take more than an hour to walk around. Best part was the castle – mainly ruins now. It was 7.00€ for us to all get in. There is a small museum, and then the ruins themselves. When you walk to the top, it overlooks a small lake. The tower used to be much higher, but after it got bombed it went down to about half it’s size – the size it is now. Beautiful to see, and very worth the price of getting in. Great town!!

Next stop was a town called Bad Orb. Again, a very small town. The “main area” of town is inside the castle walls – very cool. Half timbered houses everywhere again. Someone who comes home lage at night drunk would probably have a very hard time finding their home 😉  Didn’t take much time to get through the entire town, but still worth the trip here.

Next, we went to Steinau. This is where the Grimm Brother’s grew up, and their old house is turned into a museum. I was very excited to get to this town, and left disappointed. The museum was 12€ for us all to get in. First, you can’t take any pictures at all. Next, everything is in German – no translations at all. I am sure there are a lot of English tourists – translations would be appreciated. With the price you get entrance to another museum about the Steinau history. Again – boring. The best part of the town was a fountain representing the Princess and the Frog with the golden ball. I am happy to say I’ve been in the town the Brother’s grew up in, but still left disappointed.

Back to the hotel we went to continue on our journey the next morning.

One thought on “Fairy Tale Weekend #1 – Part 1

  1. Meghan, you are doing a SUPER job on this blog!!!!!! I always get a happy smile on my face when I get an email that the Blog has an update!! 🙂 You have always loved to write and I love to read what you write!! XOXOXOXOX


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