Durbuy – The Smallest City in the World

Durbuy. Beautiful little town!

This was a last minute addition to our Sunday. Our main plan was just the Liege Flea Market. From home, Durbuy is an hour and a half drove away – not far, but no chance for it yet. For the hell of it I checked how far it was from Liege, and realized it was only forty-five minutes. This was worth it.

Very cute little town! Definitely small (no more than 10,000 inhabitants), but it really could take hours to explore. I don’t just like walking, I like seeing and experiencing as much as I can. This town gives you opportunity to do that. So many small roads to walk up and down.

We were hungry so we were looking for food – only problem is not much was a cheap meal for seven of us. We ended up finding a small french fry place and buying fries to share – delicious though! Satisfied our craving for the time being.

Seeing the castle from down below was beautiful. An old water mill was accessible for pictures. A great beer store with cheap locally made beer was a nice store to walk around. I certainly wish I had more time here, but I was extremely happy to have experienced and seen the city. It may no longer hold the title of the smallest city of the world (since Durbuy and others in the surrounding joined together in 1977), but it still claims it is, which is a very nice thing to see!!!

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