Paris #2

I love Paris. The fact that we had family visiting who wanted to go, I had no problem going. We stayed at a cheap hotel where we paid to have breakfast included at 4.95€ a person (kids all together were 4.95€ so not too bad for 7 of us). Ended up not being worth it, but at least we had coffee in our system.

Walk to the train station was 15 minutes which was great – plus we didn’t need to pay for a bus to get there for 7 of us. Got a train pass for 9€ a person which included all metro in Paris too, so perfect!

Got to Paris in about 15 minutes and got off at a stop right near the Eiffel Tower. Got out and walked about 5 minutes,  and all of a sudden you turn a corner, and there is the Eiffel Tower. I seriously should have videotaped the kids’ reactions. They were so excited, I loved seeing it. Even me, I just kept thinking, wow, I am here again. I just love it.

Since the last time we were here, going underneath the Eiffel Tower has become harder to do – now you need to go through security. We decided that since we saw and have taken tons of pictures from the outside, we didn’t need to go underneath – to save time. The only thing we wanted to do to see everything in Paris is the Hop On Hop Off bus. Kids all got on free, each couple was 66€.

Red Route – “main” Paris attractions – Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc du Triomphe, Notre -Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysees…etc

Blue Route – not as popular attractions, but ones we missed the first time, so I was very excited for this route! Moulin Rouge, Sacre-Coeur Basicila, etc…

Since the main one is the Red Route – we did this right away. We went through the entire route once, and only got off at the Arc du Triomphe. The second time through we stopped at the information center and hopped on the Blue Route.

Seeing the Moulin Rouge was so exciting. I really wish seeing a show wasn’t so expensive – I would love to see one! This area is more along the lines of their “red light district”. Sex shops all over, lingerie shops everywhere… It was funny to see a sex shop right next to a McDonald’s. Sacre-Coeur was quick to see from the bus, so we decided at the end to take the metro there. To me, Sacre-Coeur is the last thing to make me “satisfied” to have seen all of Paris.

First we get out the metro, and don’t realize there are probably at least four flights of stairs to get out of the metro. Out of breath at the top. Then we ask which way to the top (Sacre-Coeur is pretty much at the top of Paris) – and realize there are HUNDREDS (or so it felt like it) of more steps to get there! I ran up with the kids, and John walked with his parents. The top is spectacular. I am so happy we “suffered” and got to the top! Sacre-Coeur itself is something else – and the view of the city – wow! Turns out though, there was an elevator type thing that goes almost from the metro to the top, avoiding all the stairs – and included in our metro passes — ooops! Oh well… We got exercise out of it!

Hard Rock Cafe for supper as John’s parents had never been to one before. All the adults got a free “alcoholic free” cocktail which was delicious – and saved us all money from buying a drink. Kids loved eating out of guitar plates. Expensive, but delicious meal!

Headed back to the metro, to the train, back to our car. What a fun day!!!!

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