Giethoorn, Netherlands

Since being back home in Canada, posts I see on Facebook talk about a city in the Netherlands with no roads. Sure it looked beautiful, but I’d forgotten about it fairly quickly. A couple months ago, I saw another post on Facebook from some of our friends who went to the “city with no roads” for the day. I figured, I may as well start researching this beautiful town more in depth.

This city is called the “Venice of the North”. It has over 180 bridges to help get over the canals.

We decided to take a tour of the canals by a boat tour company, but turns out the way to get around was to rent our own boat. Turned out to be even better! It was 15€ for an hour, for a boat to fit all seven of us. We got a simple map to follow to allow us to get around town in an hour.

I loved going through the canals. On reviews I saw that if you listened carefully you could hear the ducks – which I did not believe would happen considering we had three kids with us.. Needless to say, I was wrong! All you hear all around you is ducks. They are everywhere. They literally try to chase the boat; I am sure if we were close enough with the boat not moving, we could have touched them.

If John and I were alone, this boat ride would probably be a very nice romantic date. Although, seeing the looks on the my kids’ faces because of the boat ride, and the wildlife around, makes me so happy.

We were hungry  after our boat ride, so we found a cheaper restaurant (around 9€ a plate) for supper. I tried Prosecco for the first time (delicious!!), and just enjoyed our surroundings.

I would go back here if I have the chance. Makes for an easy, relaxing couple of hours, in a city one would not see back in Canada!!!

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