Ghent, Belgium 

Ghent was kind of a last minute addition to today. I have been wanting to go for a while, but each time we have tried to go, it’s been raining. Well today John had to go to a town called Bornem, Belgium to register for the 100km Belgium Death March. Since Ghent is only 45 minutes from there, it was with a small detour to finally check it out.

First thing you see when you pull up is a beautiful church, and tons of colourful buildings – a great start. We start walking towards to center of town, and the architecture you start seeing is amazing – very old buildings. Everywhere you turn is something new and beautiful to see. There are churches everywhere.

The city is along canals (kind of like Amsterdam) so there are tons of bridges to cross to get to the opposite sides. One way you turn, there is a church; turn the opposite way are castle ruins; walk five minutes and you are at an actual castle. I never wanted to stop walking.

We saw a booth selling Canal Cruises – for only 7€ an adult, so very reasonable compared to some cities. We took the cruise, and had a lot of fun. They explained how way back when, poor people would buy fish on one side of the canal, and richer people would buy meat right across on the opposite side. We saw a statue which represents how much pollution is in our world today. We saw where the city gates were. We also saw the castle from the canal point of view. I had a lot of fun! The man who was explaining everything even let the kids talk through the mic for everyone. For 7€, I really enjoyed this cruise.

By the time we got here, walked around, did the canal cruise, it was about 6:00 and kids had to get ready for school the next day. I will definitely be going back to this city when I get a chance. I can easily picture myself sitting on a terrace along the water drinking a glass or wine or a bottle of beer, eating a meal or a snack quietly with my hubby – as a date of course!

Beautiful town! Not one I will forget for a long time!


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