First Day of School

Preparing for the first day of school after being off for almost two months is not an easy task. But.. what makes it a little easier for the kids is the expectation of getting a Schultute. School supplies – not a big deal; new backpack – who cares. But a Schultute is what makes the first day of school even better.

Schultute is a cone filled with candies and small school supplies to help make the anticipation for the first day a little easier. From what I understand, it is mainly for a child first starting school (as in Kindergarten), but we have given it the last two years, even though Nathan has been in school since Canada.

It was originally given by grandparents, who filled the entire cone with candies and sweets. Nowadays, it is filled with some candy, but mostly with small school supplies, possibly toys, and small articles of clothing. Whether the boys ate excited for school or not, this is one tradition that we have enjoyed fully over the last two years – as do the kids!

First went went great though in general for the kids. John and I drove them in to make sure everything would go well. Zachary and Tyler are in the exact same class (they were separated last year) bit had a great first day. Nathan barely kissed us goodbye running into his classroom to be with his friends.

They got off the bus at the end of the day excited and happy to be home, but all said it was a great day! Here’s to a great year of school!!!!

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