Magical Maastricht

When I first made my “list” of Christmas Markets for this year, Maastricht was not one of them. It’s a small town, John and I came to the city a month or so ago as a “date day” when the kids had school, so why go back. Boy was I wrong! This market was added to our day very last minute, and I am very glad to say we went!

The name of the Market is called Magisch Maastricht – translated to Magic Maastricht – for a reason. You can see the Ferris Wheel above the buldings blocks away. My husband and I couldn’t see it at first, our son saw it and his face lit up. The closer you get, and see the market up close, you see how amazing it is. The lights. Oh man, the lights. There are lights at every market, but for some reason, this one seemed different. On one side walking into the market, you walk under an archway of stars. We didn’t go through that way – we walked around. Good thing we did, as on another side, you can walk through a huge life sized Christmas ball ornament. The entire thing is lit up in white lights. How cool is that?!?!

Walk through the giant ornament, and there are food stands all on the right. Since we hadn’t eaten all day aside from a really small snack each, a family sized bag of churros sounded really good. A small box each was 4€, and a family sized one was 10€ – which was an excellent price compared to what we’ve seen in other markets and cities we have visited – and a huge bag! Ever since you walk through the ornament, there are statues to take pictures with. Snowman, Polar Bear, Santa, Deer…etc This market is made to attract kids! You realize as you keep walking that there is a huge skating rink right in the middle. If I’d known about this before, bringing the kids skates would have been a great iea! Keep walking and there is “Station Rudolph” which is a mini roller coaster for kids. Along the back of the stalls is lit up in different languages “Merry Christmas”. Another roller coaster along the way, and a stall for pictures with Santa, which wasn’t opened as we walked by.

Keep walking towards the back of the market, and there’s the biggest Chritmas store I have seen at a market thus far. And amazing prices! There were tables solely for nutcrackers, decorations, santas, trains, villages, cups, plates, stars…etc   If there were not so many breakables for little fingers to touch, I could have stayed in there all day and spend more money than one should in a single store!! Right outside the store is a Santa Clause statue you could take a picture with, sitting on Santa – kids loved it!

Ferris Wheel ended up being a little more money than we wanted to spend on a ride, so depsite one of the boys’ being really angry, we passed – he recovered with hot chocolate in a Santa Hat mug!! There were two mugs to choose from, so John got the hot chocolate to share with the kids, and my Gluhwein came in a boot mug – my favorites!

By now, almost two hours had passed, our 2 hour meter for our car was about up, and the 2 degree temperature and strong winds were getting to us. Like I said, Maastricht was last minute, so we didn’t come fully weather prepared as usual. Mostly toes were getting chilly.

Last minute or not, I am 100% glad we came. Parking was very hard to find (took us almost 40 mins, we almost gave up to go home), so be prepared if you head here. Not very much underground parking, and paid parking all along the roads (which were packed!). I felt the Magic here, as did hubby and kids. I would definitely love to head back if time permits!

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