Island Boat Trip

As our German weather is getting rainy and quite depressing the more into winter we become, I am brought back to Croatia, where the weather was hot and sunny. We took a boat trip I will not anytime soon forget. The man whose apartment we are staying in, gives boat rides to people who visit from John’s work. Even though we had not won the chalet with him, and we booked on our own, he still gave us perks of having booking through chalet season.aw0a1717

We met him outside our apartment at 8:00am, for an all day adventure. Since I’d sprained my ankle the day before, a quiet day on a boat sounded perfect. I was brought down to the boat on a scooter, while hubby and kids walked the 5 minutes down the hill.  First stop, was the Blue Lagoon. You cannot get there except by a boat, so there are already few tourists. Being early morning also helped as no tourists from big companies had arrived yet. (Boat companies from the mainland offer multi-island tours). Absolutely amazing. Water was the clearest water I had ever seen. The man wasn’t sure if we would want to swim here as the beach was a little rocky, so he offered to go right away to another beach, but we couldn’t resist. Especially the kids – they just wanted in the water! To say we have swam in the Blue Lagoon is something amazing! After fifteen minutes we decided to take the Captain’s offer of going to a more sandy beach.

Back in the boat we go, and ten minutes later we arrive.  There was no dock at this one for the boat to go to, so we anchored, and literally jumped in. I am a “go in gradually” kinda girl, so for me to get right in, was a shock. I was about to get out when I felt my body just get used to it. I am VERY happy I decided to stay in. We were able to get a picture of John and me in the water. The water is so clear you can see our entire body through the water – amazing! You finally start to get cold, so we climbed back into the boat, and headed for lunch.aw0a1926

We were dropped off at a Fisherman’s Village called Maslinica. During the summer this place is hopping, but being October and off-season, there were not a lot of people, and not many restaurants open. We found one at a reasonable price, and almost no one there, so we ate. Restaurant looked like a fisher’s place to go. Nets with sea shells stuck in them, anchors hanging from the ceiling, even the bar inside is a boat! Pretty cool. There were also stray cats everywhere – the waitress and manager even started naming them they told us. The kids thought seeing cats in the restaurant was hilarious.Croatia is big on crepes, so the kids each had crepes with surprise ice cream in the middle – they were very excited! John had a mix of meats including lamb, and I tried Octopus Salad. Delicious! I was a little weary of trying it, but I’m glad I got to eat a meal specifically Croatian. Boys thought I was crazy for eating octopus, but they got over it. aw0a1940

After two hours we were picked up by the boat, and time to head back to our apartment. This trip was 100% worth it! To see water that clear was something else! To see the look on the boys’ faces was something I won’t forget. They got to drive the boat – each child for about five minutes at a time! They had so much fun. To see the coastlines from a completely different view than only from land, was spectacular!   It was a perfect way to rest a swollen ankle!aw0a1904

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