Diving in the Red Sea

One excursion when planning Egypt we were thinking about doing, is scuba diving. You see in movies and TV how much fun it is, so it’s worth a shot to try it right?! Down at the beach on our resort was a diving center. We went to go meet with them, and John was much more interested than I was. I’ve always wanted to, but, why bother. We talked, and he was right when he told me, if I didn’t try it, I would probably regret it. Who knows if I would even like it, unless I tried once in my life. It was not a cheap excursion (John and I were about 60$cnd, and the kids were about 25$ each), but it was cheaper than if I’d wanted to try somewhere else – I did enough research on pricing.The entire scuba diving day was seven hours long, included diving for John and I, snorkeling for the kids, a seafood lunch and drinks, and a professional diver to show us how to dive and dive with us – and two dives in the sea. First dive was to get use to diving, second was where more turtles and dolphins swim!


Morning of, we had to be at the diving center for 8:00am. We rushed to eat breakfast so our bellies were full, and headed to the beach. We were brought by van to the marina in Hurghada itself (about a twenty minute drive). We didn’t realize we were also sharing a boat with other resorts in the Hurghada area, so the boat was pretty full. Our guide showed us how to release the pressure in your ears, how to get the water out of your goggles, etc – he showed us everything we would need to know once we got into the water. We were brought an hour into the ocean. The water, was absolutely stunning. I have never seen anything like it before. Three different colors of water you could see in the distance. We docked in a place where you could see the fish swimming beneath you – the kids loved it. Since you are not allowed to use an anchor in the Red Sea to preserve the life underneath, boats attach themselves to each other to avoid moving around. At one point I think there were about six/seven boats attached together. John was supposed to go first, but he asked if I wanted to, and I very readily agreed – for something I didn’t want to do, I was really excited. I got suited up, got helped into the water, and my experience began.


With the oxygen tank on my back I felt this pull underneath the water. The guide helped me breathe and once I caught my breath, I put just my head into the water. The amount of fish you can see just from having your head under was incredible. So we start to go further under, and all of a sudden you start to get water in your goggles, your ears start to hurt, and I started to panic. I went back to the surface. This happened more than once. I was finally under for about a minute, when I suddenly, for god knows what reason, I started to panic again, and I was done. I got to the surface, got myself back to the boat, and that was it! I was excited to go, I tried, and absolutely detested it! I hated the feeling! I felt like a total failure that I couldn’t manage to do such a “simple thing” like scuba diving! I felt like I had totally wasted the money to do this, when I could have stayed at the resort and just relaxed. My husband later made me realize, if I hadn’t tried it here, I may have tried it somewhere else, and spent more money than we had. I am happy I tried it, but I never need to do it again!



My husband on the other hand, had a wonderful experience. He said he felt the same initial panic I had felt, so he understood what I meant. He was under the water for the whole fifteen/twenty minutes for both dives! The first time he saw just fish and coral. Although beautiful, he enjoyed the second dive much more. He was able to see a stingray, and a huge oyster shell at the bottom floor, along with different fish, and more coral. His experience was amazing – and I am so glad!!


I was still able to snorkel, which was still a great experience. Although not as great as my hubby’s, I was still able to see the rainbow colored fish, and colorful coral; I just didn’t get to see the “cool” stuff like he did. Even though our kids were able to snorkel as well, only Tyler attempted it. He didn’t enjoy it very much, I think he was scared of being in an open sea like that. I am very proud of him for even trying it!


All in all, for the most part it was a fun day. Seeing the look on the kids’ faces when they could literally see the fish from the top story of the boat was priceless. Being in the Red Sea was warmer than being above the water! The weather was about eighteen degrees outside, but the wind was up to 40km/h – making it very cold. We all had thick sweaters with the hoods on! I am quite sure, if we ever do an excursion like this again, we will stick to the snorkeling only – plus it’s usually cheaper than diving!


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