Metallica : A Secret Obsession

When I met my husband, I was a country loving, pop singing kinda girl. Actually, I very much still am. But I was introduced to a new type of genre of music – Heavy Metal. When he told me this was his type of music, I was curious, but not sure what to expect. I wasn’t introduced straight to the screamo yelling music  (don’t like those), but music I can actually understand. First introduction was for his favorite band – Metallica. They grew on me quickly! It was not what I was expecting at all; it was a million times better!! The more you listen you start to know what you like, and which songs you don’t – there are TWO of all their songs I am not fond of – one of which is John’s favorite (of course, right?!?). My favorites are some slow, some quick, but Whisky in the Jar grew on me faster than any. If I have any choice in what to put on, that is the first of theirs I do.

Since moving to Europe, I have been keeping a close eye on when Metallica would be on tour here. John really wants to see them in Moscow, Russia – so that has been mainly what I look for. One day in looking, and expecting to find nothing, I saw that Metallica was going to Copenhagen, Denmark. They had 4 shows starting their new Hardwired tour, and even being the first band to play in the all new, Royal Arena. Very cool!

I was trying hard to surprise him and buy tickets,  but realized I should ask him first, to make sure he could at least get the time off work. I guess he told a friend, and one day I was sitting at work, I get a call saying “I am online buying tickets to Metallica in Copenhagen, do I get you some too?”. I told him to call my husband, to which he responded “he transferred me to you. I have ten minutes to purchase, yes or no?”. After seconds of hesitation I am sure, I said yes, and tickets were bought. Holy crap, we were going to see Metallica in Copenhagen!!!


I went home that same night, went into the Ryanair website, and found round trip tickets for both John and I, for 40€. Really, you can’t go wrong! When we travel with the kids, I always reserve seats to make sure we all sit together – I wouldn’t want to the boys to be sitting with someone they don’t know. With just the two of us, I didn’t bother. Reserving your seats is usually around 4.99€-9.00€ for each reserved seat. Last I checked, there was also a promotion of kids getting a free reservation with one purchased adult one, so it’s always good to see what Ryanair has to offer. Ryanair allows you to check in online 2-4 days in advance to choose your seat for free. You can check in from 30 days, but still paid reservation. John and I still sat together, so no harm done in not reserving. But still, no big deal if we didn’t sit next to each other for one hour…


Booking our hotel took a while. Copenhagen is expensive in general, so nothing was coming out to be cheap, no matter how far away from downtown we went. After looking back daily for about a month, I found one that was right downtown, and only 230$Cnd. Still more expensive than what I usually pay, but it’s better than 400$!! It was right downtown, close to everything walking distance, and only one train stop from the arena, and 15 minute train ride to the airport. It was a 5 minute walk from Central Station, so that made it even easier if it was too cold and we didn’t want to walk.


John and I decided we wanted to walk from the airport to our hotel. We didn’t realize at this time exactly how close by train it was, but I don’t regret it. We only had backpacks, so nothing too hard to carry. It was an 8km walk, and it took us about an hour and a half to do – not bad at all. Weather was cloudy, but not too cold. Good enough. A 24hr train pass for both of us, we found out later costs 50$cnd – fairly expensive considering we paid less than that in Paris for 7 people… But as I mentioned, Copenhagen in general is very expensive.


Now if you’ve noticed the pattern here, expensive is normal. We wanted a bigger lunch, so then we wouldn’t really need anything before the concert. The actual sit down restaurants were crazy priced – about 40$ a meal; whereas we could eat at McDonald’s, but be hungry in two hours… We decided to just walk and see what we’d find. I was trying to avoid Hard Rock Cafe as I find it’s a lot of money for a meal (not just here in Copenhagen, all Hard Rock’s in general), but after seeing other places, Hard Rock was the only one that seemed reasonable, plus, we were having a nice meal without our kids – we wanted to splurge a little bit… John had a ribs/chicken meal which cost 33$cnd, and my Original Burger cost 24$cnd – insane! John had a coke for 8.70cnd, and my non – alcoholic cocktail with Hard Rock Copenhagen souvenir mug was 14$cnd. This price is more than we have ever paid for a Hard Rock Cafe before – but that’s what you get for being here. Our meal was delicious, don’t get me wrong, but that price is ridiculous!

What was nice about being at Hard Rock Cafe was to see a ton of Metallica fans being there. Almost everyone in the restaurant had the same idea as us, eat a big lunch, so not as much food later. The restaurant was playing back to back Metallica songs, so it was a nice atmosphere to be in.

We had McDonald’s the next day for lunch to save some money, and even that came out to 22$cnd. More than I ever paid for two meals in Canada!

One Venti coffee at Starbucks, nothing special like a latte or machiatto or anything, a plain boring coffee, was 12$Cnd. Needless to say, I suffered with the crappy hotel coffee so I didn’t get a headache, because no way in hell was I paying 12$ for a plain coffee!!!!

All I can say, is I am very glad last time we came, we stayed in an apartment and we cooked our own meals, cause we would have gone broke paying for meals for five of us here!!


The band was formed in 1981. The band as of today consists of James Hetfield (lead singer), Kirk Hammet (lead guitarist), Lars  Ulrich (drummer), and Robert Trujillo (bassist). They have released 10 studio albums, 4 live albums, released 26 music videos, and 37 singles. They have won 8 Grammy awards, and six of their albums have been atop on the Billboard 200 list. The band was awarded the MTV Icon award in 2003. In 2009, they were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Amazing stats for a band I had barely heard of before meeting my hubby.

The band’s second show had to be postponed until September because their lead singer was very sick, and under doctors orders to not sing anything! Because of this, I was worried their show was not going to be as good, or be postponed as well.

Well I were wrong! I don’t think words can even describe how amazing this concert was! Their set-list was three songs shorter than usual to “preserve” James’s voice, but still outstanding. Their tour is promoting their new CD called “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct”, so their opening song was a new one called Hardwired. The rest of the set-list consisted of mostly older, very popular songs, as well as two more new ones. One and Master of Puppets back to back was outstanding, Seek and Destroy was a huge fan favorite! That is the one song I really don’t like at all, but between the atmosphere and getting into the concert, even I enjoyed it live! Enter Sandman as their last song was a great way to end their concert on a high note!

Kirk, and Robert each had their own solos which were incredible.

At some points James got the crowd very involved -probably because his voice needed a break, but it was a great feeling. He looked like he was overwhelmed by the crowd being able to sing the songs when he couldn’t.

I would love be to go back to a concert. This was my second Metallica concert, and I can see myself going to many more – but possibly closer to home. They are announcing a European tour at the end of February for the fall, so I will keep my eyes open for closer venues to home. Koln, Dusseldorf, or Amsterdam I would go to in a heartbeat.
What an amazing weekend! We got to explore a small bit on our own of course, but since we’d already been to Copenhagen, we saw most of it. I was able to see Nyhavn without the boys and could enjoy the beautiful colors, even though our day was cloudy and dreary. We mostly relaxed, which was really needed as well.  I missed my kids a ton, and was do glad to have their arms hug me when I saw them. But I will never forget how great of a weekend I had alone with my husband!!!




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