Planning a Trip Alone :O

When my husband had to go away for work, I was so upset. He was going to be away for 32 days – longer than he has been away in YEARS! I should be used to it, but I’m one of the lucky ones whose husband just never needs to be gone. Last time he had to go for that long, our twins were two months old, and our oldest was just over a year – they are now all six years old (twins had their 6th birthday while hubby was away…). Being the age they are, they understand Daddy is away; and I’m sure even though he’d told them “be good for Mommy while I am away”, they heard and understood “be as devilish as you possibly can”.

I work three days a week, so we have a babysitter during the summer for those three days, and I usually stay with them from Friday to Monday. Our babysitter’s family of course needs summer vacation as well, so there was one week I would need to take vacation myself, and find something to do. I knew staying home would drive me insane, so looking at flights anywhere was a big project – a project not working in my favor. Flights everywhere were expensive. My husband was insistent on coming to visit him on his trip, as he had a hotel room and we would have every evening and a weekend (or two depending on how long I would be there) together – I was iffy. Why spend time in a new city with three kids alone, without all their toys and “fun stuff”?!?! He was crazy.

By the time the first weekend alone with them was completed, I was pulling my hair out, and patience was wearing thinner and thinner. I couldn’t find a backup babysitter (I didn’t want to take vacation unless we are going away somewhere as a family), so I decided to check flights to where my husband is again. Ryanair (my always airline) was 238euros – one way! Not going to happen! Well after research and research, I found flights through an airline called Wizzair, which were actually affordable. More than I usually ever spend even on five of us for flights, but seeing my husband for ten days was worth the extra couple hundred bucks! I called him and told him, and he was just as happy! He spoke to the hotel after work (a Radisson Blu!) that day and they upgraded his room to a family one free of charge. Includes a full breakfast, which in itself would save us money – incredible.


I was so excited all week. Packing was simple (for the kids especially) – five t-shirts, three shorts, two pants, two sweaters, five underwear, and five socks. They all hate pyjamas, and usually sleep in only underwear anyways, so that saved room. Plus, I could just wash our clothes by hand as I usually do on vacation. Since Wizzair was a little pickier with carry-ons, the kids all used a little bit of a smaller bag than normal, but enough they could still fit all their clothes. I bought one checked-in baggage, just in case I bought souvenirs – plus my clothes wouldn’t fit into a Wizzair free bag (size is smaller than Ryanair uses!).

Check-in at the airport was easy, the waiting part got long. We got through security quickly, so we had more “waiting time” than usual as our gate. The plane ride itself was quick – only an hour and a half. One kid played on his GameBoy, one watched a movie, and the other I can’t even remember – either played on his Gameboy or watched the movie too. I read a book on my phone, and wasn’t bothered once by any kid.


Plane lands, and as we are waiting for my checked baggage, one of my kids (of course…) decided to get too close to the conveyor belt and press the Emergency Stop. I message hubby and tell him we may be a little longer since security was going to have to check and make sure everything is actually okay. Ten minutes later, bag in hand, make our way to the exit, and see Daddy waiting for us. Kids run into his arms, and stress from travelling alone with three kids suddenly dissipates. Hugs, kisses, and back together as a family again!

So here I am, sitting in our hotel room, relaxed. Not at home with my kids running circles around me driving me nuts, we are all happy! Even better? Netflix is better than home in Germany, so the kids get new shows and movies to watch – makes life even easier!


Check in for what we are doing while hanging out visiting – we’re having lots of fun!!!

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