The Beautiful White Cliffs of Dover

Leaving London, the only thing we had to do that day, was get to the Tunnel for 5:00 before tunnel check-in closes. Hubby and kids slept in until about 9:45, whereas I had already been up for almost five hours at that point. I woke up at 4:45 with some lady yelling outside “I am not a whore!” over and over. Man would I be tired that day…

We checked out of our hotel at 11:00, and asked if we could leave our car while we go get food, and then come back. After not having supper the night before, we were all hungry!

Remember, the day before in London we walked pretty much ten hours? Well, one twinzie woke up limping – he seriously could not walk. What were we going to do?!?! Walking down the street to find food, hubby and I kept switching between holding him, and putting him on our backs. The beautiful little boy is not that twenty pound kid he once was, a six year old is much bigger! We certainly were sore by the time we found food. McDonalds of course, but it was quick, and cheap, and as hungry as we were, sooo good! Our oldest who insists he “hates fries!!” whenever we has them, ate his entire meal! Must have been hungry!!

Back to pick up our car, and we still had five hours before our tunnel time, and it only took an hour and a bit to get there – that left us with about three hours to kill. We didn’t want to go back into downtown London; it would take too long there and back to make it worth it. On the drive into London, we saw a sign for the Leeds Castle. After google’ing what it looks like, we talked and said if we had time, we would go there. But… I also remember a friend of mine telling me about the Cliffs of Dover. I researched, and after talking about which we’d like, we decided to head to Dover. It was fifteen minutes from the tunnel, so if we got bored, we could head to the tunnel and maybe get on early. There was also a really nice castle…

The drive to Dover was easy – especially with the kids falling asleep!!


This is for the next time he says “stop leaning on me, you’re faking sleeping!” 😉

Since the town is the main port around, there are trucks lined up for kilometers waiting to get down to the docks. Thank goodness we didn’t have to go that way! Driving though town, you keep seeing signs for the Cliffs, but it seems odd. The place it brings you seems a little weird.. So we decided to find a place to park and walk around and see if we can see the cliffs. In reality, we should have just followed the signs. Don’t get me wrong, the city was a very nice town to walk around. But we “wasted” an hour or so walking around the town, when we could have been hiking the trails of the Cliffs! Again, of course walking around was not a waste – just not exactly what we were looking to do.


Poor dude holding out his sore foot 😦




View of Dover Castle from the town

As we were heading to the car to get to the tunnel on time, hubby said he still wanted to follow the signs and see if we could get closer to the Cliffs, as we felt like walking the boardwalk in town just wasn’t “it”. As you get closer, you can tell, this is where we should have been in the first place. You have to pay 3.50GBP, and I started to wonder whether the cost was worth it when we couldn’t have much time to be there…

Tip : even if you had ten minutes, the cost was worth the view you’d get!

There are three “paths” you can take. One is 45 minutes, one is an hour, and one is three hours. We didn’t have crazy time to be there (although we would have liked to), so we decided to follow the purple 45 minute path. John took two kids, and I took the hurt-legged munchkin. John could walk faster and get more pictures, so I was good with taking it slow. If the path was a straight path it would have been easier, but it was a little rocky and uneven. Under normal circumstances this would have been no problem, but with having a hurt kid on my back, uneven wasn’t as easy as normal.

Having to walk slowly forces you to look around and have to enjoy the views, not just “get to where you want to go..”. There are wild horses roaming free as this is their territory. Kids loved seeing the horses!


I found the purple path, and walked over to the cliff. I  looked across the way, and saw hubby all the way away – on a normal day barely a five minute walk, today probably about twenty. I waved and waved, and I guess eventually he saw and walked towards us. To say the paths were well shown, would be very wrong. The signage is very small and not very visible. We walked around for about ten minutes taking our pictures and staring out into the English Chunnel, then it was time to head back 😦  The beauty of this place speaks for itself!


Silly faces!!!


We would 100% come back – with more time and a child who can walk properly. Having an hour was just not enough! This entire area was incredible to see!! Next time we would stop and have a coffee in the café, and watch the boats in the port. Maybe pack a picnic lunch and hike the three hour walk to the lighthouse. If we never go back, I can tell you, I will be sad…






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