Amalfi Coast Fun

After a quick stop in Pompeii after leaving Mount Vesuvius, we decided to head to our hotel in Salerno.

Driving in Salerno was just as crazy as it was driving in the city next to Mount Vesuvius. Our hotel advertised either free, or paid parking. Well, the free parking was a parking lot, but if all the spots were taken, there was nothing available for you. We ended up finding a spot next to a construction area (probably shouldn’t have parked there, but the hotel owner said it was fine). We made our way to the top of twenty very long, difficult stairs, and were at our apartment. To say this apartment was incredible, was an understatement. The difficult walk to it made it completely worthwhile. It had two full beautiful rooms, a fully stocked kitchen, small loft overlooking the water, two bathrooms(!!) and the most amazing coffee maker with the strongest coffee I think I have ever tasted! And fancy!

The owner didn’t really speak English, so he had his son translate. We found out later he spent a couple years in Montreal, and could speak a little French. He was a very cute older man – even trying to explain to us that the dishes needed soap (like in Canada we don’t have detergent lol). His son looked embarrased, but the dad made sure he told us everything, not leaving out a thing!

We got there so late, and barely any food all day, we brought all our stuff inside, and went on a food search. The only place that was open was a burger restaurant. But not a McDonalds type of place, a real hamburger (anyone who knows me know this is my weakness…). We were literally able to make our burger, right from the bun. Choose your bun, your meat, your toppings…etc  We had an apetizer – a Salerno specialty. It reminded us of grilled cheese, but it seemed to possibly be deep fried – or the bread dipped in something – not quite sure. But the kids loved it!!!

Nathan wanted Sprite to drink, and all the restaurant had was Cola. Our waiter went over personally to the “dep” and bought him a Sprite – Nathan was so happy!!! Bellies full, we were able to sleep very well at night!


Our morning started out by dressing quickly, and heading to the marina. We were getting on a ferry, heading to look at the Amalfi Coast from the water!!! Our original plan was to take our car, and drive the entire coast from above. Turns out, the way the driving is, and worried about not finding another parking spot when we got back to our hotel, we figured a ferry was the best bet. Then we could just relax. We walked to the Tourist Information, and they told us to walk to the marina itself. The walk was really nice along the boardwalk, and the kids could move.


Our biggest dilemma was weather to take the ferry to the city of Amalfi, or to the city of Positano. After a very quick google search, we bought tickets to Positano. I honestly cannot remember how much tickets were, but they were not cheap, even for the kids! The entire ride there was going to be about an hour one way stopping in Amalfi first to let people off there.



Salerno from the sea


The view of the entire Coast was beautiful! It reminds me of what you see in pictures of the area! The cliffs, the coves, the bridges… Everything was bautiful to see! There was always something different.

Finally after about an hour on the boat, we got to our destination! I was so excited! From the boat you can see the beautiful hillside houses.


First thing’s first, we needed food! We were hoping for even a vending machine on the ferry, but nada. Walking through the streets of Positano, was beautiful! It was colourful, and beautiful to see! There were small shops everywhere you see – small cute little shops. And everything was climbing up the mountain. The entire city is nowhere near flat.


The thing I didn’t realize about the Amalfi Coast, is stuff is EXPENSIVE!!! Food was almost unreasonable. Twenty euros for one pizza, twenty euros for a serving of pasta… I was shocked at the prices I was seeing. Finally we found a restaurant that seemed “acceptable”. Hubby had a twenty five euro half lobster and pasta dish, kids all shared two spaghetti meatball dishes, and I had a seventeen euro veal parmigiana. I was so excited as this is not something I make at home. Dishes all came, mine being last. I looked at my plate, and completely disappointed. Usually veal parmigiana comes  with pasta – this was only the veal. ONLY MEAT! I was so upset, and absolutely starving once finished! Almost a hundred euros for lunch – and we all left hungry. Well that sucked… At least the views from the restaurant were nice.



Our restaurant was pretty much the end of the “tourist strip”. From here we had to walk back down the hill. The trek back down was easy, and you can only go the same way down, so you see the same shops. There is a lot you could do if you wanted, but there were mostly art galleries. Art galleries for adults can be fun, art galleries with three boys is not so easy. So for us, honestly, there wasn’t a lot to do here. We were about ready to head back to the ferry.

We were able to switch our tickets from the 4:00 boat to the 3:00 boat. We still had an hour and a half to kill though, so beach time. This was my favorite part of today! Relaxing by the water, watching my kids having fun; and eating ice cream!!


I read about a special ice cream they have here, called Lemon Sorbet. It’s lemon sorbet, in a frozen lemon. I don’t think I have ever tasted something so refreshing in my life! I knew it would be good, but this was even better than I thought it would be!



Hubby and I had a wonderful time sitting on the beach, watching the kids having fun!


We walked along the beach, and started heading towards the boat to head back to Salerno.

We may not have had spent a lot of time here, but we were happy. I feel like if my kids were older, we would have enjoyed walking around a little more. It’s not as much fun when you walk around somewhere, and worry your kids may break something.. All in all, I am glad we came – even though it ended up being a much more expensive day than we would have liked…





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