Bratislava, Slovakia – One Afternoon

When we were booking our trip to Budapest, when I saw that Slovakia (Bratislava!) was only a two hour drive away, I knew we had to go. Not only would it be another country we’d get to see, but the Capital of Slovakia as a bonus. Yes, I am sure the entire country has some pretty awesome stuff to see, but we’d only have one day, so Bratislava made the list.


We left our hotel after breakfast, and got into downtown Bratislava at noon. Once downtown, we found an undergrund parking for 2€ an hour (good since we later found others at 3€ an hour…). Our first idea was to start out, and work our way back towards the car. In the end, turns out it’s all pretty centered. Ahh well…

The castle had a lot of stairs to get at it, and once you get to the top, you see this amazing amount of snow! Trying to walk the slippery path was a fun slip and slide game lol


But man, the view! So so glad we took the time to walk to the top and not just take pics from down below.


Plus, the kids loved to attempt to play in the snow, even though they didn’t have boots, and their gloves were definitely NOT waterproof – oh for the love of kids! 😉


Even though we didn’t want to waste our few hours eating, we were getting so hungry, we couldn’t wait anymore. We found a restaurant/pub/bar called Castle Brewery (Zamocky Pivovar in Slovak – but the signs were in English anyways). Food was amazing! Definitely hit the spot! The kids are shared a schnitzel plate and a three sliders dish. Trust me, the picture does not do justice to how big the schnitzel actually was!



Hubby and I shared this enormous plate of meat (see picture, you’ll see what I mean lol). Since it was a brewery, their speciality is beer. They had a special “Drink of The Day” which was a 0.5L dark beer for 1.40€; I mean, can you really go wrong with that? Giant soft drinks were less than a euro as well. We lucked out on passing this place. In total for all five of us, with more than we usually have for lunch, was forty-four euros – plus we wouldn’t need supper…


Bellies full, onto continuing our tour. At this point, all we mainly had left was the center town. Old Town Centers are always beautiful and amazing to see!


This is St-Michael’s Gate – the only gate still standing from the medieval fortifications; one of the town’s oldest buildings. It was built around the year 1300.

Below is a photo underneath St-Michael’s Gate. It represents exactly how far different cities are from that exact location. The fact that we found Toronto was pretty cool!



From here, we basically just walked around. We didn’t really stop and go in anywhere, we just looked from the outside – which was perfectly fine.



There were statues everywhere. We couldn’t even keep track of them all to even think of taking a picture.



The one below is named Cumil. It is the one we were literally on the lookout for. He is the “watcher” of all in Bratislava. Pretty cool.


We found a Canadian Flag which the kids thought was amazing! See one twin posing under it lol


Last thing on my list before heading back to our hotel, was the blue church. I’ve seen many churches, but none blue like in the pictures I’d found. BTW – even better in real life than pictures. It’s amazing to see; so different.


From here, it was after six and getting dark, so we had to head back to the car. I wish I had more time to walk around, but I am completely satisfied with going. For a capital city, it’s very small; which made all easily walkable and seeable in one day. I am very happy for the opportunity to have come here!!


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