Neuschwanstein Castle #2

When we first went to the Neuschwanstein Castle in 2015, we missed one important sight – the Marienbrucke Bridge. This is a bridge where you can overlook the castle from a distance. The first time it was undergoing construction. I always told myself I would never drive that far just for this, but if we were in the area, I’d love to return. Well, being twenty minutes away, qualified as being “in the area”. We’d originally planned on going here at the end of one of our days – well it’s a very good thing hubby said to go before instead. For something I thought would take an hour max, took us over three. I’m not complaining about it at all; but I know if we would have had to rush, I would have been disappointed.

We parked in P1 at the bottom of the hill for 6€ a day. This parking is right in the village area. The sign at the bottom of the hill says it was a thirty minute walk to the castle. When we did the walk the first time, it felt like a breeze – this time the walk felt like never ending and took around the 25 minute mark (first time it didn’t even take twenty…).



Walk another five minutes up a big hill and find a view overlooking the Hohenschwangau Castle. Beautiful view.



Walk another ten minutes up more of a hill, and finally you see this bridge. I wish I had taken a photo of the bridge itself so you could see exactly how old it looks – no wonder they have to do construction on it yearly (next time is November 2018). I started walking across, trying to push past the groupings of people just stopped and not moving. Mix in my fear of heights and the slats of the bridge actually moving, and I couldn’t handle it. I wanted across, and I wanted across NOW!


I pushed the kids across, and waited with them while hubby took pictures.

Since we were here and probably at this point would never come back, we decided to walk up the last hill. Most people with kids our age probably wouldn’t walk the last hike with kids – mine have done worse than this.. It’s seriously good exercise!


The 1st face of T


The 2nd face of T


The 3rd face of T

After many pictures from up here, we decided to head back down, and make our way to the car. A couple of wrong turns along the way had us realizing we probably should have gone down the same way we came up – and not try to be adventurous. Ah well, I guess that wouldn’t make us us then, right?!



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