Why I Take Selfies

Selfie : A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a smartphone which may be held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick.

I can hear it now; ughhh, another selfie! To me, they are completely different than “ughhh”. Sure, maybe my kids and husband feel like that by the end of a vacation, but honestly, I just don’t care 😉  These pictures – my selfies – every single one of them, is a memory.


This is literally my husband saying “guys, just smile for the camera so we can keep going on the bike ride” lol

I have four years in Europe to see and do all I want – and then some – and I want to remember. I want pictures of me. I want pictures of my kids and me. I want pictures of my husband and me. I want pictures of all five of us without having to find someone who looks trustworthy enough to use the big camera without running off with it.




I am  not one to take selfies of myself in a solemn area. Auschwitz; I remember it enough to not need a photo of myself in front of concentration camps. The shoes in Budapest along the Danube river in memory of those people shot in the back and fall into the river; it’s just not a moment that a selfie should be taken – in my opinion of course.

I’m not one to post a picture with a duck face or a kissy face or anything weird, I just want a nice smile of myself and my family in front of amazing new places. Don’t get me wrong, we have pictures of us sitting on our couch sticking our tongues out, but that’s the perfect memory of a moment that just arises. I am not going to go out of my way and dress up (unless the occasion calls for it) just for a picture; that’s not me.


This occasion called for it!

I want memories of my kids’ first days of school. Memories of their birthdays and turning a year older (although sometimes it sucks at how fast it goes…).


Morning of their 7th birthday!


Morning of his 8th birthday!

Memories of random fun day trips we decide to take at the drop of a hat. I just want to remember!


A night at the bowling alley I got all three to sleep – plus my 7 year old (at the time) asleep in my arms, YES I want to remember it!!


My 30th Birthday spent in Venice – hell yes I want to commemorate and remember it!

I have read an article about how a grown adult has one photo of themselves with their mom, and regrets not having more – all because the mom didn’t feel comfortable in front of a camera. I don’t want my kids to regret not having a picture of me. I want them to remember the happy times we all had together. They are young still, and may not remember everything we have seen and done in Europe – these photos prove to them that we really were there together – as a family!




We visited Ireland with my parents. I have selfies of my mom and I too. When we visited Prague with my parents, I have selfies from then as well. It’s memories I don’t want to forget! It’s a moment you cannot get back.


My husband and I got the opportunity to go on a small cruise by ourselves a few months ago. Yeah, I 100% took selfies to remember. We had no kids, quality time alone seeing a couple of new places – yes I memorialized it. Sure I have tons of pictures of what we saw as well, but I wanted to see us! Why would I not?!



Just remember next time you see someone taking a selfie, it’s not always for the glamour of the shot (although yes, many are), some just want to remember the moment they are in. A picture certainly speaks a thousand words to me! Don’t regret not taking the shot!

One thought on “Why I Take Selfies

  1. Very well said Megz, I don’t care what some people may say, I personally love all your selfies, especially if we’re lucky enough to be in them. Love ya and keep it up. XXXOOO


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