Agadir, Morocco – El Pueblo Tamlelt

This was our last Christmas as a family living in Germany. Sure, spending it at “home”, would have been nice, but I probably would have killed my kids by the end of the two weeks. Plus, I wanted to spend our time someplace new. Either for Christmas or New Year’s, it didn’t really matter; just someplace warmer than the cold and rain of where we live. I was seriously running out of luck. In was looking at Malta, Mallorca, Cyprus, Canary Islands, and finding nothing that looked interesting. A flight/hotel deal wasn’t too bad, but then add on food for all five of us for a week, plus a car rental and gas, it was coming out more expensive than an all-inclusive. I was back and forth many times about Agadir, Morocco. It seemed to have the only all-inclusive resorts. In the end, that’s where we went. 20+ weather daily (or so the forecast showed), and all-inclusive. We would get there early evening Christmas Day, and leave New Year’s Day at 9:00pm, so we would have all day there. For less than 2900$ Canadian, it was the best deal for someplace warm, where we could just relax and spend time as a family. For an all-inclusive for seven full days, I’ll take it.

I seriously over-packed, yet under-packed for what we were allowed. We were each allowed a 20kg suitcase; we brought four only, and packed nowhere close to 20kg. One was less than 11kg. I packed a bunch of shorts because of the weather for the kids. Turns out they may have worn two max. Mornings were quite chilly (10-12 degrees, but strong wind) so we always needed a sweater and pants. Afternoons were 25, so they changed right into bathing suits. Evenings were chilly again, so after bathing suits, it was always back into pants. When we would go on excursions, I always had the kids wear pants to be more covered up, so again – pants. At least now that I am home I have less clothes to wash since they never wore them. I wore almost all my stuff, as did hubby. Just kids got extra stuff they didn’t need. The room was so damp nothing dried, so I probably should have brought more t-shirts and underwear so I wouldn’t rely on having to wash them, but oh well. I’ve never had to deal with that on any other vacation, so how would I have known..

Flight was good; was nice to get a meal included. When you get to the Agadir airport, the outside is so nice. Different architecture than you usually see in an airport. You have to fill out a form once you get off the plane and into the terminal (which you are not told about beforehand), so you have to scrounge to find a pen and something to write on, and fill out five pieces of paper with a crapload of info – passport #, flight #, address of where you are going – info you don’t just have readily on hand. This paper should be given on the airplane so it’s ready when you land. BTW – you have to do the exact same thing once you leave the country – and again, no one tells you until you try to go through security with tablets and computers and phones in hand ready to go through the detectors – extremely frustrating!


We got to the airport at about 7:30pm by the time our transport got us there and checked in, so we had time to go and eat, thank goodness. We were so hungry we didn’t really care what was there, as long as we got food in our bellies.Β  We coincidentally had friends who were at the hotel already, so they met us for a Christmas drink – or two. We went to the show afterwards which was Aladdin, and honestly, were so pooped we just went to our room and slept. The next morning we would have more time to actually see and enjoy the start of our trip. May not be the Christmas most would enjoy – with all the travelling – but we knew this was the start of a fun week away!


We didn’t realize when we booked that there were two hotels that shared the facilities. One hotel was our hotel – El Pueblo Tamlelt, and the other was called Carribbean Village Agador. It’s pretty much both hotels on each side, and all facilities in the middle. Didn’t change much I guess, just gave a little extra access.


Meal times were always busy. Always! Finding a seat was always a challenge. When you are a family of five, you cannot sit at a two person table. You just can’t. But… single people and couples sure know how to sit at a family table. Enough said..


Breakfast was from 6:30-10:30. Gives a ton of time for early birds, and the late sleepers. We usually got there around 9:30; once at 10:00. There was always an omelette line which the kids loved; and a crepe line. A couple mornings there wasn’t crepes, but there was this deep-fried pastry thing which was good too.

Complaint 1 –Β  there was one line – for two hotels trying to eat! One morning we got there at 10:00 which was later than normal. Between the omelettes and the crepes, I didn’t have time to get food. It took hubby and two kids twenty five minutes to get their food; it was crazy. Hubby said some people waiting for crepes ordered four/five instead of the normal one/two. I ended up sending the kid who was with me for his omelette by himself just because he needed to eat. I could suffer until lunch, but I wasn’t making him. They definitely need to have more than one person working these lines where things are specially made, not some assembly line, same food thing.

Complaint 2 – no fresh fruit / no variety. There was always only oranges and bananas. The fruit salad had apples only and was so soggy it makes you gag. I feel like the fruit salad was probably the same one the entire week we were there.

Complaint 3 – no fresh bread besides baguettes. There were these small croissants every morning, but never soft and fresh; hard to eat. It wasn’t good. And really, don’t get me wrong, I love baguettes, but just not for breakfast…

Complaint 4 – drinks sucked. Coffee was way too strong (this is me talking people!), and left this weird residue at the bottom of my cup every single morning. And… there were no juices. Their “orange juice” was a more sweet sugary version of Sunny D. It was TERRIBLE! Hubby found hot chocolate so that was good.

Complaint 5 – when something opens at 6:30, it is supposed to be open at 6:30! We went on an excursion one day and had to be ready to go at 8:00. We got to breakfast at 7:00 and nothing was open. No omelettes, no crepes, only coffee and the crappy fruit salad. We got very hungry very fast that day as we didn’t have lunch until 1:00…

Breakfast and Supper

Lunch was from 12:30-2:30, and supper was 7:00-9:30. Same basic food every single day. There was always a different meat, and a different flavour of potato, but always the same basic stuff. There were two different pastas but always way too soft I couldn’t eat it – the kids never cared though. Sauces rotated, but the same one every three-four days. Always fries, and two types of soups. The kids LOVED the spinach soup – claiming they felt instantly stronger after eating it (and our course it claimed to be true when they beat Daddy at arm wrestling πŸ˜‰). In the end though, kids usually had plain rice and bread – and baguette of course. There was no actual salad, always a weird type of carrot or cucumber or potato salad. I really would have liked to have some veggies just to pick at. Deserts for lunch and supper had no fruit at all, only a few pastries. For me who does not have that sweet tooth, I did not like the deserts.

I can honestly say, I left meals almost always kinda hungry.

There was a drink bar area where you could get cokes and wine/beer, but no mixed drinks.

Snack Bar

The snack bar was open from 1:00-4:00. We decided to attempt to eat here as something different. First day we got there at 3:30 and it was already closed; I guess they didn’t want to cook close to 4:00. Okay. So we go back the next day, and they have a hamburger, a cheeseburger, and a chicken burger – with fries. The chicken burger was delicious. I wish it was open a little later, maybe closer to 5:00. If you eat lunch at 12:30, and supper is only at 7:30, you get really hungry around 5ish just for wanting a small snack.

They had a “tea time” from 4:00-6:00, but it was only tea and a couple cookies, not very filling. Cookies were good though.


Food was not overly impressive. I was expecting a lot more..



There were two main bars we went to. The pool bar, and the other pool bar lol

The big one was in the middle of the hotels; the other one was more off to the side. The big one is where the main entertainment happens. Both were open from 10:30 until midnight. The big one has an alcoholic side, and a non-alcoholic side. Don’t ask for the opposite thing at the wrong bar, you won’t get served. Drinks were basic – rum and coke, wine, beer, whiskey and coke – not many specialty cocktails besides one rum one. The basic soft drinks were so small, slightly bigger than a shot glass; kids had to go up many times.


Usually tipping the bartender helps the service, but it seemed that once we tipped, the service got worse.

There was one bar at the other hotel we were allowed to go to. This one was indoors so it made for comfortable evenings as both other bars were outside. I am not sure what time it opened at, but it closed at 11:00pm.


The lounge area had nice fireplaces so it was comfortable to sit down in the evenings.

Plus the kids loved playing pool!



Either we didn’t look hard enough, or there wasn’t much entertainment. We got to play darts once on the day we were leaving, but besides that, it was on our own.

We played mini-putt many many times, which was okay because the kids loved it. We played so many variations of teams I can’t remember much besides the fact that I sucked. Kids didn’t even want to play with me lol


We went to one show in the evenings which was the first night we got there. The shows started at 10:00, and the kids had trouble staying awake that late.

The kids for the most part enjoyed the kids club. They were mostly happy to go besides one time N was forced to take part in a fashion show type of thing and got so mad I tried to take his picture. He was embarrassed and wanted in no way to remember it. There weren’t many kids who attended daily. The one bad thing that happened was our last day, and put a sour taste in our mouths. It was the day after New Year’s Eve and it seemed the animation kids club lady was a little hungover when we brought the kids; she didn’t need us to fill out the attendance. As we walked away she didn’t leave the cabin like usual, but we just figured she would be a little slower. So we left to go pack, came back a couple of hours later and we got in trouble for not signing in the registry. She forgot we had left the kids!Β  Needless to say, they didn’t go back in the afternoon.



The beach was barely a five minute walk from the hotel. It was seriously an amazing beach. I could have spent all day there. It went on as long as the eye could see. I think I read it is almost ten kilometres of beach.

First day I went into the water before the kids even took their shoes. See below lol


I’m sure in the summer time there would have been a ton of people out here! It looks so long and wide that I am sure there is a ton of room for everyone to lay down and play without feeling packed together.


My happy place



Family picture 😍

They had fun just enjoying it and being silly too!



Such admiration! πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ–€

It was so amazing that we decided to go back one night for the sunset – we couldn’t be that close to a beach and not see the sunset!




There was a mountain you could get to the top of if you wanted to, but we didn’t. It’s right next to the beach. There is writing on the side of it you can see very clearly from the beach – saying “God, Country, King”.




My oldest just saw that I wrote “hotel grounds” and he said “I loved the hotel grounds, they were so beautiful right?!”.

The hotel grounds itself were fairly well maintained. They were always clean, garbage cans everywhere. The gardeners were very visible all over the resort.



There wereΒ  turtles.


There were also cats everywhere! I was always worried about the kids touching them, but they were fairly friendly. There is one area where kittens are born that is blocked off to the public. It’s their small sanctuary with their mom, so that’s nice to see.



This little one loved to yell at us!


There were a lot more pools than I was expecting, although none warm enough for me. But I didn’t try very hard to test the water; I never even touched it more than putting my feet in. The first day we were bringing the kids to the Kids Club but they got distracted by the pool, so we gave them about half an hour. They went to the Kids Club all wet, but they didn’t care.


There were two pools over at the other hotel, but we never went close to that. The ones on our side were closer, and had more places for us to sit to watch the boys. This one was the warmest pool on the resort. It was too deep for them to leave the sides, but they loved holding on so much they didn’t care.




This pool was a small section the kids could stand on, in another big deep pool. There was a wall in the water separating it, so they couldn’t accidentally go too deep and get in trouble.


Would have been nice had they been warm, but I’m sure in the summertime they are packed – which is good that they have so many to choose from!



New Year’s Eve was a full day type of event, with a lot of downtime.

During breakfast, the Animation Team was trying to catch every kid and adult they could for their Olympics. John and the three kids all did it – with Daddy and kids on opposite teams. I sat on the sidelines drinking a Whiskey Coke πŸ˜‰ It started at 10:00, and ended around 12:15, with just a bit of time before lunch.







After lunch, we went to play mini putt, just because. After that, the rest of the day, we just kind of hung around. The main bar we go to was closed to set up for the evening’s activities, so we couldn’t just sit there like normal. Since it was going to be a late evening, we also just hung out in our room and relaxed playing games. We taught the kids how to play Battleship, so they loved that!

Cocktails started at 7:00, so we got there a little early.


The cocktails and snacks to pick at were pretty good. The kids LOVED the designs!! (see the pics below!). The snacks were all delicious!

The drinks were pretty good too; not too strong, nor too weak.

We got seated for the meal just before 8:00. We were seated at a table set for six, but we are five. Turns out, they added an older lady to our table. Threw us off at first, but it was okay in the end. She was very nice and from Sweden. Only thing that sucked, was kids got bored. The meal took forever! By the end, the kids were just fed up, so they started getting silly. She didn’t seem to mind, so that’s good; I just felt a little embarrassed. But what can you do, the meal started at 8:00, and didn’t end before 10:00, for five courses. Just felt like it was never ending!


The bottle of wine though was pretty cool. Check out the names on the back of it; reminded me of home – home home. It was nice!


There was a show afterwards, but we decided to hang out in our room instead of going. It was late, kids were bored, and I wasn’t going to make them sit for another hour and a half. We went back outside around 11:30 to collect our goody bags for New Year’s Eve. We set up a table, and waited.

There was a countdown to midnight where someone floated across the pool on a type of raft playing with fire, to light up the Happy New Year 2019 sign. It was actually pretty cool. Once the whole thing was lit up everyone yelled and cheered. The sign stayed lit up for almost half an hour; you could feel the heat across the pool.


They poured champagne and brought it out for all.


After about twenty minutes of hanging around and people watching, kids had trouble staying awake. We headed back to our room, happy and excited to start 2019 in a new place!



We are very happy to have come here; even though it may not have completely lived up to our expectations. It was nice to be able to relax and not think about cleaning and cooking for a week. I would come back to Agadir at some point if we ever had the chance, but probably stay at a different hotel. I’d also recommend others to stay at other hotels; this one is mostly for budget. But… Seeing the kids have as much fun as they did, is really all that matters!


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