Ring of Kerry & Dingle Peninsula

Besides Dublin and the Blarney Stone, I honestly had no idea what to expect in coming to Ireland. Using a ton of Pinterest and talking to friends, many said to do the Ring of Kerry, and the Dingle Peninsula. With so many conflicting articles, we couldn’t decide which was the better one to do. Good friends of ours told us about Dingle, so I knew Dingle would have to be a good one. I originally thought our hotel was in Kerry, so I figured both in one day would be easy and do-able no problem. While, in the end we did do both of them in one day,  it wasn’t as easy as a feat as originally thought.

We brought sandwiches and chips and some snacks for the car so we wouldn’t have to stop often – we weren’t sure how often there may be a stop.

We weren’t sure which to start with, but we decided on the Ring of Kerry since it was closer – in case we stopped more often and/or didn’t enjoy it, we were closer to the hotel.

Everything you read about the Ring of Kerry says to drive around it clockwise, since tour buses drive counter-clockwise. If you drive behind a tour bus, they drive much slower than a car would, so it would take even longer. Plus, a bus is big, and you may miss something in front of you..

We originally wanted to leave at about 8:00 to get an early start – we probably didn’t get going until 9:30. Took us almost two hours to get just to the town just outside of Kerry. All signs pointing to the Ring of Kerry show it counter-clockwise, the way you shouldn’t go, so I used the GPS on my phone to go in the opposite direction. At first, you start to wonder what really is so nice about this drive – then you see. The cliffs along the water, the waves, the lookouts, the colours, are absolutely amazing!




I was using my phone once we realized where we were going, and found these cliffs called “Kerry’s Most Spectacular Cliffs” so we drove there. I’m sure my parents behind us were wondering what we were doing, but it was completely worth it. These cliffs are more than amazing! The 4€ cost for adults threw me off at first, but seriously, pay it! I hate having to pay for something “natural” – like cliffs and waterfalls, etc – but it’s completely worth it!!

There are two different lookouts, one on the right to start at, then you go to the other one. Check out the pics of this place!!!













I didn’t want to leave here, honestly. But I’m sure you can tell from some of the pics it was way too windy to stay up there long. I was sure the kids would blow away lol

After here, we finished the loop, so we decided to head towards Dingle – if we wanted a chance to get there and do both, we couldn’t stop as often. There is so much more on the Ring I would have liked to do. If we ever go back…

Dingle we realized was almost the same. By the time we got there it was cloudier than earlier, and getting rainy and windy. Instead of stopping in town, we decided to finish the Dingle loop, just to say we did it. At the last minute, as we were in a turn, I saw a sign about Star Wars. We decided to turn back around and check it out. Turns out, this is where Star Wars : The Last Jedi was filmed. So awesome.


My hubby, my dad, and the kids went to the top. I think my mom even did too. I got cold so instead of climbing to the top, I walked back down a bit and waited on a park bench. There were sheep and cows all around, so I was enjoying just watching them. My hubby said there was small hut up top, but not much else – so I don’t feel like I missed much by not heading all the way up.20180816_175125



I had never seen surroundings so green before. Of course Canada and Germany have green grass, but for some reason, it was just brighter and more vibrant here. Anyone who’s been  – did you feel the same? It was just more green!

Once they all got back to the bottom, my mom and dad took the kids to the small beach. I was freezing and hungry, so hubby and I ate chips in the car and waited. My mom took these pics.



Next up, we wanted food. And a break. Hubby and my dad had been driving all day, and it was time for a break. We stopped in downtown Dingle for a bit. We also needed souvenirs. There was a super cute dolphin statue the kids all needed a picture with.




We found a nice souvenir shop. Check out the picture below. This is the type of hat my grandpa used to wear. Nathan put it on himself, and came to see me. He said “Look Mom! I’m an old person”. I LOVE this picture!!!


Next, we found food. Found a place to have fish and chips – I’d been craving fish and chips since we’d gotten to Ireland.

And… Back on the road we went. It was now dark at this point, and not as “easy” of a drive as it was getting there in the dark. Small narrow roads, no street lights, and driving on the wrong side of the road… Thank God I wasn’t driving is all I have to say…

I would love to go back and re-do these two loops. There is so much to see and day, you’d have to stay at a hotel close by to get the absolute 100% most out of it. But if I never do get back, this sure was a great memory!




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