Blarney Castle & Gardens

When planning our trip to Ireland, I knew that one thing I wanted to do was see the Blarney Stone. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why, but hearing about it and hearing songs about it growing up, I knew it was just something I had to do. Just an FYI if you ever plan on coming here – you need a day just for the castle and its grounds! I thought we would be able to do Blarney Castle and Cobh in one day; I mean, how long would it take to see a stone right?!

Quick tip – wear comfy shoes. Like seriously comfy shoes for coming here.

We got to the entrance at 1:00. There wasn’t too big of a line, but still took about ten minutes. Adults were 16€, kids were free, seniors 13€. You get a map of all the grounds so you know where to go.

We were told as we bought the tickets the line to kiss the Blarney Stone was about an hour. So we decided to do that first and then explore the rest afterwards. You could see the castle at the end of a creek; it was beautiful.


The line really was an hour at that point.


There were some beautiful views on the way up though. There are 137 steps to the top. Probably would be a hard walk if you walk up them without stopping; we stopped every couple of steps, so it wasn’t hard to climb at all.



Once you get to the top you have to start taking off any jewellery or glasses or change in your pockets so it doesn’t fall out while you kiss the stone. The three kids were too young to do it. The entire process I swear took less than ten seconds once it’s your turn. For something I’ve been wanting to do since I was little, it definitely wasn’t what I was thinking. But… I was happy to have done it! Legend says that anyone who kisses the stone will never be missing for words, they have been given the gift of eloquent speech. Not sure it’s worked for me…

Right next to the Castle, is a Poison Garden, so we decided to check that out. Hardest part was making sure the kids wouldn’t touch anything.





Uh, what?! These were my wedding flowers!!

From here, we just decided to walk around and go wherever. We found the Fairy Glade, wishing Steps, beautiful waterfalls, and the Lake. Nothing was too close, so it definitely wasn’t a quick walk around. N found something like 7 leprechauns; which was amazing because no one else found any. Check out all the photos below of our adventures.







T was OBSESSED with finding the lake!!


Very very last thing we did was take a walk with John, my dad, and myself. We went to find one last waterfall. It was worth the walk. May look small, but the whole area is beautiful with the flowers and trees around. My mom took the kids to the park at the beginning so they could play for a little bit.


For something we had thought would take barely a few hours, we ended up spending our entire day here – something like five hours. We tried to make a quick stop in Cork itself, but we ended up only finding a grocery and heading back to our hotel. We had a great day, but were seriously exhausted.






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